City Clerk

Physical Address:             308 Constitutuion Way            Idaho Falls, Idaho 83402

Mailing Address:               Post Office Box 50220            Idaho Falls, Idaho 83405

Kathy Hampton
City Clerk
(208) 612-8414

Hollie Pettingill
Deputy City Clerk
(208) 612-8415

City Hall











The City Clerk's Office is responsible for Business Licensing, Child Care Licensing, Tradesmen Licensing, Dog Licensing, and Cemetery Records for Fielding Memorial Cemetery and Rose Hill Cemetery. All legislative actions by the Mayor and City Council are filed in the City Clerk's Office, such as Council Meeting Agendas, Council Meeting Minutes, Ordinances, Resolutions and Agreements. Conducting of elections for Municipal Office (Mayor and City Councilmembers) is the responsibility of the City Clerk.