City Council

 City Council

 From Left to Right (Ed Marohn, Dee Whittier, Barbara Ehardt, Rebecca Casper, Thomas Hally, Michael Lehto, Sharon Parry)

Rebecca Casper
Phone: (208) 612-8235
Fax: (208) 612-8560
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Council President
Michael Lehto
Phone: (208) 569-2317
Email: Michael Lehto

Council Member
Sharon D. Parry
Phone: (208) 523-6339

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Council Member
Dee Whittier
Phone: (208) 589-3407
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Council Member
Thomas Hally
Phone: (208) 680-8886
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Council Member
Ed Marohn
Phone: (208) 419-7345
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Council Member
Barbara Dee Ehardt
Phone: (208) 403-6686
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