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 Construction Reminders Inspections are an essential part of ensuring safe building environments. However, no inspections can be made until the required permits for performing the work are issued. As licensed construction professionals it is your responsibility to see that all required permits for your projects are secured before starting any work. Please be aware that if work is started on any building, electrical, mechanical, or plumbing projects without first obtaining the required permit(s), a double fee will be assessed for that project. Please be sure that your permits are issued before commencing with any work so that timely inspections may be performed and your construction projects are completed in compliance with the building codes.

2014 National Electrical Code



 Commercial Electrical Permit Fee Estimate 

  Residential Electrical Permit Fee Estimate



Continuing Education for Journeyman and Master Electricians 


Steps to obtain residential power   


Commercial Lighting Budget 

International Energy Conservation Code, Section 805 Lighting System 

New or remodeled commercial buildings, including exterior lighting, shall have a lighting compliance form filled out using COMcheck 3.6.x. The lighting compliance form shall be submitted to the City of Idaho Falls electrical inspector, before an electrical permit will be issued. (COMcheck may be downloaded from: Energy Codes)

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Electrical Safety

ELectrical Shock

The Electrical Safety Coalition AFCI Video
OSHA Construction eTool AFCI Protection
Fault Current Calculator Tamper Resistant Receptacles
Arc-Flash Calculator GFCI Protection
Flash Protection Warning History of GFCI Protection

 Homeowner Wiring  

 Homeowners, use the electrical guides below to help you get started on your project.






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