Idaho Falls Redevelopment Agency



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Organization and Mission

The Idaho Falls Redevelopment Agency, originally created on July 6, 1966, was re-established by the Mayor and Council on October 20, 1988.  The purpose was to eliminate blight in the Snake River Urban Renewal District.  The Agency now administers three additional districts, River Commons (Snake River Landing), Pancheri-Yellowstone, and Eagle Ridge.  These districts encompass slightly less than 750 acres or approximately 7% of the area of the city in central Idaho Falls. 


The mission of the Agency is “To strengthen the tax base and promote the successful growth and development of the City of Idaho Falls by using, when necessary, tax increment financing to facilitate the construction of publicly owned infrastructure, giving due consideration to that which promotes and enhances the Snake River Greenbelt and encourages desirable land uses near that Greenbelt.


Current Members:

Terri Gazdik

Tom Hally

Kirk Larsen

Lee Radford

Lee Staker

Brent Thompson


Bonneville Hotel Proposals

Bonneville Hotel Request for Proposals

Proposal 1

Proposal 2

Proposal 3


Annual Reports

Annual Report Pre-Meeting Public Notice

2015 Annual Report

2014 Annual Report

2013 Annual Report


Urban Renewal District Plans

Amended Snake River District                                   River Commons District

Pancheri-Yellowstone District                                    Eagle Ridge District


Resources for Downtown

Idaho Falls Downtown Housing Study                      Idaho Falls Comprehensive Plan

Idaho Falls Downtown Design Guidelines                2006 Downtown Design Assessment Study

2007 Idaho Falls Downtown Parking Study              2012 Downtown Parking Study



For the live stream of agency meetings, please click this link, Live Stream.  The minutes of the Agency meetings and older documents are found on the column on the left of this page.