Fire Department - Fire Investigation Team

Please report any suspicous activity around a fire to 911 or on scene Law Enforcement


Team Members

Scott Grimmett
Bob Baird (City Elec)
Joe Nichols
Alisa Prudent (BCSO)
Cory Dennert
Glade Prestwich
 Barry Dennert
Justin Morgan
 Scott Wetzel
Mark Pitcher
 Richard Benson
Jim Newton
 Chase Mills

Specially trained fire investigators make up one of the Fire Department's most unique specialty teams. Fire investigators are trained to be part scientist, part detective, and even part psychologist. This training includes the certification of Fire Investigation Technician (F.I.T.), where they receive intensive instruction in origin / cause determination and arson detection.

Fire investigations are conducted at some level on all fires. Fires that involve a significant loss, a suspicious ignition factor, undetermined origin, or other unusual factors may require additional resources. The investigators trace the fire damage back to the fire's origin, then sift and sort through the often charred remains to determine the cause of the fire. Fire investigations are important not only to arson detection, but also to fire prevention activities.

The Fire Investigation Team includes 5 Prevention Division members, 7 Operation Division members, the Idaho Falls Building Department's electrical inspector, 2 members of the Bonneville County Sheriff's Office, Detectives of the Idaho Falls Police Department and local Deputy State Fire Marshals.