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Applications accepted for annual Youth Rally


Idaho Falls Power is accepting applications for the Idaho Consumer-Owned Utilities Association’s annual Youth Rally.

High School sophomores and juniors who live in Idaho Falls are eligible to apply for the event, which runs from July 7-12 at the College of Idaho in Caldwell.

IFP will cover all costs for those students selected to attend, including transportation. Participants are also eligible for college scholarships awarded by the ICUA. Last year, Idaho Falls students received $2,900 in scholarship funding.

The rally is chance to learn about consumer-owned utilities, develop leadership skills and bolster self-esteem while socializing with peers from Idaho, Alaska, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Montana and Wyoming.

Attendees will learn about electrical safety, the country’s future energy issues and the roles that consumer-owned utilities play in the region’s communities, while also getting an opportunity to participate in a number of social activities, including dancing, bowling and volleyball. .

Scholarship opportunities range from $200 to $600, plus an all-expense paid trip to Washington, DC.

The deadline to apply is May 5. Applications are available in the counselor’s offices of all local high schools; at Idaho Falls Power’s headquarters, 140 S. Capital Ave.; or here.

For more information, please contact Josh Roos at 612-8356 or via email.



Cybersecurity: IFP’s plan


Protecting customer information has been a priority throughout Idaho Falls Power’s history but never more so than today as we upgrade the city’s metering system into a more reliable and efficient network in which data is transmitted wirelessly.

We have focused on security every step of the way, and we will continue to do so.

For five years we’ve consulted extensively with industry experts and Idaho National Laboratory officials to conduct security risk assessments, develop security plans and design the system we’re putting into place.

You can find detailed information on IFP’s data privacy efforts in our Check Smart Grid Security section, but here are some key points:

    • The new meters have built-in security systems aimed at deterring hackers. In the unlikely event that a data breach occurs, the meters do not store or transmit customer information – they merely read encrypted data related to electricity usage.
    • The radio system used to transmit the data is commonly used in military communications where security is critical.
    • A different radio frequency is used for every transmission from every meter, making it difficult for hackers to predict the next communications channel.
    • Each meter has its own key. In the unlikely event that the system was infiltrated, access would be limited to that meter.
    • Sophisticated security features are built into the system – access to the network is controlled, data is encrypted and the system is constantly monitored.





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