Idaho Falls Power

About Idaho Falls Power

Mission Statement

Idaho Falls Power shall be the consumer-owned electrical energy supplier of choice for its customers by:

  1. Offering safe, reliable, high quality power and related services
  2. Giving superior customer service
  3. Being a regional price leader

Operating Principles

Idaho Falls Power employees shall accomplish the mission of Idaho Falls Power in accordance with the following operating principles:

  1. Idaho Falls Power recognizes the importance of employee and customer safety. We will do all possible to ensure employees have the training, equipment and supplies to work safely and maintain a safe system for our customers.
  2. Idaho Falls Power will aggressively pursue the least cost, reliable power supply mix consistent with good business practices. Our customers have supported a long-term approach to power supply acquisitions, making substantial investments in consumer-owned generating facilities. We will continue this long-term approach as supported by our customers.
  3. Idaho Falls Power believes that efficient use of electrical energy is an important part of the power supply and will do all possible to encourage and promote cost-effective energy efficiency measures.
  4. Idaho Falls Power will maintain, upgrade and install the power distribution and transmission system to serve our customers in accordance with current best engineering, environmental and business practices. We will strive to keep up with the latest proven technological developments through education, training and practice.
  5. Idaho Falls Power will aggressively seek to provide new services and products that will meet the needs of our customers in a cost-effective manner. We will maintain an ongoing dialog with our customers to ensure that we are meeting these needs.
  6. Idaho Falls Power recognizes the importance of working with other city divisions to share costs and services where appropriate.

Adopted March 13, 1997