Idaho Falls Power

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Renewable Energy

Nearly 90 percent of the electricity in the City of Idaho Falls comes from hydropower, a renewable energy source with zero carbon emissions.

The City's network or four hydro facilities is capable of providing one-third of the City's electricity needs. The bulk of the rest comes from the Bonneville Power Administration, a federal agency that operates 31 hydro facilities along the Columbia and Snake rivers.

IFP also receives electricity from the Horse Butte Wind Project, a 32-turbine wind farm east of the City that went online in fall 2012. IFP receives about 5 percent of the wind farm's output - approximately 3.032 megawatts. Horse Butte is located near Kepp's Crossing, about 15 miles east of the City.

IFP also generates a small amount of electricity via solar panels installed at its headquarters in downtown Idaho Falls. Six fixed solar arrays consisting of 114 photovoltaic panels installed on the roof of the building are capable of generating 23.3 kilowatts and largely offset the building's power requirements.

A second array just north of the facility tracks the sun for optimum generation and is capable of generating 1.6 kilowatts.

Go here for real-time generation data at IFP's hydro plants.