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Children's Fishing Pond

A children’s fishing pond has been developed on the east side of the Snake River about ¼ mile below the Gem State Plant. The five-acre pond is open to children 14 and under, 8 ½ months of the year. The pond is closed from March 1 to June 15 to allow nesting for waterfowl in the area.

The pond is stocked each year prior to the summer opening with a variety of fish, large and small. Nesting platforms, trees and grasslands have been preserved in the area to provide for the needs of wildlife and waterfowl.

Access is via U.S. Highway 91, then west on Canyon Road (97th South). Watch for signs. An unpaved road turns north off of Canyon Road, and runs about 1 mile to a parking lot just south of the pond. Access to the riverbank for fishing and launching small boats is also provided just south of the parking lot.

A brochure to help with directions is available, and it also lists all of the other recreation sites that have been developed in conjunction with our hydroelectric projects on the river.  For more information, or to get your free copy, call or drop by our office.