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2016 Scholarships

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Youth Rally

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ICUA Youth Rally

To demonstrate its support for and education of today's youth, Idaho Falls Power sponsors several local high school students each year at the Idaho Consumer-Owned Utilities Association's annual Youth Rally. This is a great opportunity for the students to learn about the energy industry, electrical safety, future energy needs and the roles that electric companies plays in the community.


What is the Youth Rally?

It is six days filled with fun and learning about consumer-owned utilities, as well as a chance to develop leadership skills and self esteem. Participants get the chance to build relationships with their peers from across the region: Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming. Activities include swimming, dancing, bowling, volleyball and roller skating.

See for yourself here.


Who can participate?

The scholarship program is open to consumers of Idaho Falls Power. Students in their sophomore or junior year of high school are eligible. Applications are due May 1, 2017.


When & where is the Rally held?

The rally is held every year in July at the College of Idaho in Caldwell. The next rally is scheduled for July 10-15, 2017.


What is the cost?

Idaho Falls Power will pay all costs, including transportation to and from College of Idaho, for the students IFP sponsors. In addition, the ICUA and Idaho Falls Power will award college scholarships to outstanding rally participants. Last year, students from Idaho Falls received $2,800 in scholarships.


How do I participate?

Applications are available at your Counselor's office of your high school and at Idaho Falls Power, 140 S Capital. If you would like more information, please contact Josh Roos at 612-8447 or via email.

Below are links to PDFs of the documents that need to be completed in order to apply. Hard copies are available in the counselors’ offices at all local high schools.

-ICUA Youth Rally application

-The College of Idaho waiver form

-ICUA Youth Rally insurance form

-ICUA Youth Rally consent and release form

-ICUA Youth Rally rules of conduct form