Idaho Falls Power

Fiber Network

We want to hear from you

As the Idaho Falls Fiber Network moves into its second decade, we'd like to hear from the city's residents about its future.

The network was established in 2002 to upgrade the City’s communications infrastructure and keep costs low. Sixty strands of the network were made commercially available in 2006 to commercial service providers, to spur economic growth and competition among the providers, and to provide state-of-the art connectivity to the City’s businesses.

Today, 8 commercial service providers lease fiber from the City to provide network access to 383 local businesses, and an additional 12 businesses lease access to the network directly from the City to link 76 locations.

We're hosting a series of informational meetings throughout February to discuss further expansion of the network, including the addition of fiber connectivity to the home. Each meeting will have the same format and will begin at 5 pm and end at 6:30 pm. They will be held on:
- Feb. 9 at Compass Academy

- Feb. 13 at Taylorview Junior High

- Feb. 21 at Idaho Falls High School

- Feb. 22 at Skyline High School

Go here for more information about the network and to see the expansion options currently under consideration. And email us to provide feedback or request more information.