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More payment options available

Idaho Falls Power and the City of Idaho Falls have implemented new utility billing software that allows you to change the way you pay your bill and has resulted in a new bill design for the first time in decades. We’ve also unveiled a new online portal that allows you to manage your utility account, monitor your electricity usage and submit online requests to the City.

In addition to the previously available payment options, you now can register for Paperless Billing, Budget Billing, Pay by Phone and Auto Pay by Credit Card through the Customer Self-Service Web Portal.

You’ll need to register for the portal before you can use it. Watch this short video to learn more about that process, or go here and look for the registration link at the bottom of the page. You’ll need your new account number.

Once you’re registered, this video helps you navigate the new portal.



Questions about your bill?

Here are the answers to frequently asked questions to help you become familiar with the billing format unveiled in fall 2016. You can also call us at 612-8430 at any time, day or night, or email us.

How do I read this new bill?

Here is a guide to the new bill layout.

Has my account number changed?

Yes, you can find your new account number in the upper left corner of your statement. If you don’t have a statement handy, you can call the Utilities office at 612-8280. Please be prepared to provide additional information about your account in order to verify that you are the account holder.

I’ve been enrolled in Level Pay. Am I still enrolled?

Yes, you’re still enrolled. The only difference is that the program is now referred to as Budget Billing.

Am I still enrolled in Auto Pay?

Yes, you’re still enrolled. There’s no need to take any action.

I have a zero-interest loan through Idaho Falls Power. Is my loan payment now included in the amount due?

Yes the loan payment is included in the total amount due listed on the statement. You can pay more than the amount due by adding that information in the appropriate space on the bill remittance stub. The online web portal does not allow you to pay extra on the loan.

Why is my Bill Type listed as FINAL, BBILL, RGLR or NBILL?

The Bill Type will be REGLR unless you fall into one of these categories: BBILL: If you’re enrolled in the Budget Billing program. FINAL: If you’ve closed your account and this is your final bill. NBILL: If you canceled one of the services on your account during the billing period– electric, sanitation, wastewater, water or security light – this will be your Bill Type.

What is Paperless Billing?

Paperless Billing allows you to receive an electronic statement via email rather than a paper bill in the mail. The email will contain a link that directs you to a secure site where you can view your bill. Enrolling in Paperless Billing does not cover your payment method, however; we recommend also enrolling in Auto Pay by Bank Draft or Auto Pay by Credit Card. Go here to do that.

How does the Budget Billing program work?

As its name implies, Budget Billing makes budgeting for your bill easy by allowing you to make equal monthly payments. To determine the monthly amount due, we add up your annual consumption, using actual usage history, and divide that amount into equal monthly installments. Then, we track your actual usage and make adjustments as necessary once per year. To see if you qualify for Level Pay or to determine what your Level Pay amount would be, please contact us via email or call 612-8280.

How does the Auto Pay program work?

Auto Pay is the most convenient ways to pay your utility bill. Once enrolled, you’ll still receive a monthly statement and the bill amount will be deducted automatically from your bank account or charged to your credit card on the bill due date. There is no charge for using either Auto Pay option, and you can change the date that payment is made using the portal or by calling 612-8280.

If I sign up for Paperless Billing, do I also need to enroll in Auto Pay?

No, you can still pay by mail or phone, in person or at the drop box, but if you register for Paperless Billing, we recommend you also sign up for Auto Pay or make online payments, since no return envelope will be mailed to you. If you enroll in Auto Pay, all future bills will be paid automatically. Go here and look for the Payment Options tab to enroll in Auto Pay by Credit Card or Bank Draft, or call us at 612-8280.

Can you explain the terminology used on the bill?

Here are some explanations, and here is a copy of a bill with a guide to understanding it.

What do the numbers in parenthesis in the Summary table signify?

If it's listed after an Electric charge item, (consumption for example), that is your meter number. You can find it here on the meter itself if you want to verify its accuracy. Please call 612-8436 if the numbers do not match. The number on your bill could also be the serial number for a sanitation container or surge protector.

Payment Options

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