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Project HELP

WHAT is Project HELP?

PROJECT HELP  is a program established to assist Idaho Falls utility customers in need of emergency help to pay their utility bills.

PROJECT HELP provides an opportunity for our citizens to make a voluntary, tax deductible donation to help defray utility costs for those customers.  The City of Idaho Falls and the Eastern Idaho Community Action Partnership (EICAP) work together to administer the program.

WHO does it help?

Those who have a long-term or emergency medical condition where termination of utility services would worsen the condition or threaten loss of life.  Those who have experienced an unexpected loss of financial support due to medical conditions or circumstances beyond their control.  Those who need the assistance to get through an emergency situation.

HOW does it work?

Simply add any amount as a donation to your monthly utility bill payment. Any amount, large or small, will be accepted and appreciated. Contributions will only be accepted if the “amount due” on your billing statement is paid in full. Your billing statement will disclose monthly the year-to-date amount contributed for your income tax records.

All money received is forwarded to EICAP to fund PROJECT HELP. No contributions will be spent for administering the program. Responsibility for determining eligibility and for distribution of funds is made by EICAP.

HOW much assistance is available?

Assistance is limited to one payment per customer per year. Recipients will be evaluated based on need. The total number assisted will be limited by the amount of funds available through contributions. Application for funds may be made by contacting EICAP at 522-5391.

WHEN may I contribute?

Contributions will be accepted anytime, and are place into the Project HELP fund on a monthly basis.