Idaho Falls Power


Idaho Falls Power is offering rebates or zero interest loans to qualifying commercial customers to install efficient lighting and other electric energy conservation measures.  For more information, contact Wid Ritchie at 612-8143.


  • The building must receive its electricity service from Idaho Falls Power.
  • An energy audit must be performed on the building by IFP Energy Services  or other approved personnel prior to the purchase and/or installation of an energy conservation measure, for that measure to be eligible for financing


Measures available for loans or rebates include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Lighting efficiency improvements. 
    •  For a copy of the Lighting Site Audit calculator, see link at bottom of page
  • Heating, Ventilation or Air Conditioning system improvements
  • Motor efficiency improvements
  • Building envelope improvements


The program will loan up to 100 percent of the actual cost of installing energy conservation measures for qualifying customers, not to exceed $25,000 for lighting projects or $50,000 for custom projects. Rebates are also available for up to 50 percent of the cost of installing qualifying measures in lieu of the loan program.


No interest; up to 60 months to repay; $25 administration charge; $500 minimum loan amount; maximum loan amount of $25,000 for lighting projects or $50,000 for custom projects. If applicant moves, ownership changes or nonpayment occurs for three months any remaining balance will be immediately due and payable, with interest to accrue on such defaulted unpaid principal balance at the rate of 12 percent per annum. Should the account become delinquent, it will be subject to disconnection of electric service.


After the energy audit is completed, determine the recommended energy conservation measures you wish to complete and secure bids for the work (2 bids recommended).

You must hire a contractor if a permit is required by city and state codes or statutes. If a permit is not required, you may hire a contractor or handle all or some of the work yourself.
Obtain initial approval from IFP for your desired energy conservation measures and loan or rebate amount.
Notify the installer to commence with the work. 
Contact the Energy Services Office when the work is completed. A post-installation measurement and verification inspection may be required to insure that installation meets the specifications of the IFP Energy Conservation Program. 


For loans, payment is made to the Contractor for the allowable loan amount. It is the customer's responsibility to pay the Contractor for costs in excess of the program loan amount. 
The loan amount will be added to the utility bill and will be payable in equal monthly installments in addition to regular utility charges. The monthly loan amount will appear as a separate line item on the utility bill and payment can be submitted with the regular utility payment.


Rebates will be issued to the customer after purchase, installation and utility inspection. Upon project completion and approval by IFP, rebate checks will be issued to the customer. Rebate checks generally take 3-6 weeks to arrive.



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