Idaho Falls Power


Energy efficiency

Idaho Falls Power offers a number of Energy Efficiency Programs to all customer classes through participation in the Bonneville Power Administration's Energy Conservation Program.

Qualifying customers can receive zero-interest loans or rebates toward the cost of installing measures, appliances or equipment that result in electricity savings.

Call 612-8526 for more information. Here's a look at the available programs:


Simple steps, smart savings

IFP participates with other utilities in the region to “buy-down” the cost of LED and CFL bulbs from the manufacturer, so the customer realizes lower costs in retail stores. The bulbs are available at most regional chain stores, and may be promoted by individual stores under branding such as “Savings With A Twist” or “Change-A-Light, Change the World.”


Idaho Falls Power will conduct a free home energy audit for its customers.

Heat Pump program

Rebates or zero interest loans to qualifying customers to install efficient heat pumps in new or existing buildings.


Zero interest loans to qualifying customers to purchase and install efficient electric appliances.

Financing/Zero Interest Loans

Available to customers with a good payment history with City utilities and services

Manufactured Home Program

A $1,300 incentive is available.