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Energy Star Appliance Program

Idaho Falls Power is offering a zero interest loan program to qualifying customers to purchase and install energy efficient electric appliances.


  1. The building where the appliance is installed must receive electricity from Idaho Falls Power.
  2. Equipment purchase from participating dealers must have a minimum 20% energy (kWh) savings over standard models, set by the Department of Energy (DOE) Appliance Standard Program or carry the Energy Star Certification.


Electric appliances eligible for financing:

  • Refrigerators
  • Freezers
  • Energy Star washing machines (1.72 MEF minimum)
  • Electric rechargeable lawn mowers, electric/rechargeable weed trimmers
  • Water heaters/minimum .94 energy factor ( No Energy Star rating for electric water heaters)
  • Electronic thermostats
  • Air conditioners (Room)
  • Heat pumps
  • Compact florescent light bulbs and LED light bulbs
  •  (Min. $100)


The program will loan up 100% of the actual cost of eligible measures for qualifying customers, not to exceed $2,000 per appliance or a total of all loans combined of $5,000.


PROCEDURES (If participation in the Loan Program)

  1. Contact participating retailers or the Energy Services Department to determine if the particular appliance you wish to purchase is eligible for financing.
  2. Purchase appliance from participating dealer.
  3. Install appliance ( a permit is required for installation of water heaters).  IFP or BPA personnel may perform a verification inspection up to one year after purchase.
  4. Sign Participation Agreement and Promissory Note (must be signed to receive financing).
  5. Loan payment will be made by the City to participating dealers. Rebates will be made to customers (unless otherwise specified).
  6. The loan amount will be added to your utility bill and will be payable in equal installments in addition to regular utility charges.  The monthly loan amount will appear on a separate page on your utility bill; however payment can be submitted with your regular utility payment.

Simple steps, smart savings

IFP participates with other utilities in the region to “buy-down” the cost of CFL bulbs from the manufacturer, so the customer realizes lower costs in the retail stores.  The bulbs are available at most regional chain stores, and may be promoted by individual stores under branding such as “Savings With A Twist” or “Change-A-Light, Change the World.”


Idaho Falls Power will conduct a free home energy audit for any IFP customer.

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Heating & Cooling

Rebates or zero interest loans to qualifying customers to install efficient heat pumps in new or existing buildings.

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Financing/Zero Interest Loans

Available to customers with a good payment history with City utilities and services

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Manufactured Home Programs

A $1,300 incentive is available. 

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