Idaho Falls Power


Residential Weatherization Program

Idaho Falls Power will conduct a free home energy audit for any IFP customer. We'll evaluate your insulation and windows and provide a written recommendation of energy efficiency improvements along with estimated costs of installation. Rebates or a zero-interest loan program is offered to qualifying residential electric heat customers to install the recommended energy conservation measures. The program is available to owner-occupied homes and rental units with the owners signed permission. Mobile homes qualify for limited measures under this program.


  • The residence must receive its electricity service from Idaho Falls Power.
  • The residence must have permanently installed electric heat.
  • An energy audit must be performed on the residence by Energy Services personnel prior to the purchase and/or installation of an energy conservation measure for that measure to be eligible for financing.


  • Ceiling insulation
  • Floor insulation or perimeter insulation
  • Wall insulation in 3 1/2 inch deep or greater wall cavities and unfinished walls
  • Knee wall insulation
  • Duct insulation
  • Clock thermostats, zonal line-voltage electronic thermostats
  • Air sealing (caulking, weatherstripping, duct sealing)
  • Windows and sliding doors (U.30 minimum)


The program will loan up to 100% of the actual costs of installing recommended measures for qualifying homeowners, not to exceed 125% of the average cost of program measures, up to $5,000.  Rebates are up to 25 cents/kWh, depending on the particular measure installed.


Only available to customers with a good payment history with City utilities and services (i.e. no outstanding current balance, no disconnects for nonpayment, no delinquencies). Must have minimum of one year payment history with utility. Must have building owner's signed permission to participate.


No interest; up to 60 months to repay; $25 administration charge; $100 minimum loan amount; $5,000 maximum loan amount. If applicant moves, ownership changes, or nonpayment occurs for three months, any remaining balance will be immediately due and payable. Should the account become delinquent, it will be subject to disconnection of electric service.


After the home is analyzed you are encouraged to install recommended measures. You may either hire a contractor from IFP's approved installer list, and/or do the work yourself. If you hire a contractor, complete the following steps after the home analysis

  • Determine the recommended energy conservation measures you wish to complete, select contractors from the City's approved installers list, and secure bids for the work (two recommended)
  • Contact the Energy Services Office to arrange for a bid review, final determination of financing and a Notice to Proceed.
  • Notify the installer to commence with the work.
  • Contact the Energy Services Office when work is completed (usually done by the installer). A post-installation inspection is then conducted by an IFP inspector to insure that the installation meets the specifications of the IFP Energy Services Program.
  • Payment is then made to the Contractor for the allowable amount. It is the customer's responsibility to pay Contractor costs, in excess of the program loan amount.
  • The amount paid to the contractor will then be added to the customer's utility bill and will be payable in equal monthly installments.  The monthly charge will appear as a separate line item on the utility bill and payment can be submitted with the regular utility payment.


While you are not required to accept the lowest bid, it may be to your advantage to accept the lowest bid. Since you will want your energy conservation work done for the lowest possible cost, it is recommended that you not share your bids among contractors, as this could affect their bids.

Bids may be required to be secured and returned to the IFP Energy Services office within 14 days from the date the energy audit was performed.

If you handle the work yourself, contact the Energy Services office at IFP (612-8526) to review necessary procedures, as you will be required to comply with the same standards and specifications required of participating contractors.


The question of indoor air quality has been raised for homes whose owners wish to install air sealing measures under this program. The City will provide a brochure which explains the indoor air quality issue.