Idaho Falls Power



Idaho Falls Power  installed meters built by North Carolina-based Elster Solutions, an American company that's widely recognized as an industry leader in Smart Grid and metering solutions for electricity, gas and water. The company has systems deployed in 130 countries and its employees have combined over two centuries of experience.

Among the benefits of the Elster system:

  • It has the lowest watt burden of any advanced metering system in the industry. It’s projected to save the city $100,000 annually at full deployment, in power costs alone.
  • It will automate the city’s meter reads and service disconnects and reconnects, eliminating hundreds of monthly vehicle trips.
  • It will increase the accuracy of meter reads and billing data, thereby cutting lost revenue.
  • It’ll reduce operational costs and improve efficiency by eliminating the need to deploy meter readers in the field.
  • It facilitates resolving customer complaints more quickly.
  • It transmits data from the meter to the utility faster than any other system in the industry.
  • It helps cut down on theft by providing early identification of tampering and other non-technical losses.
  • It is flexible enough to support a number of communications technologies and grid modernization devices as they’re developed, essentially “future-proofing” the city’s network as growth occurs.
  • It’s secure, with industry-leading authentication, accountability and authorization through unique security keys and the ability to quickly identify, isolate and change security keys and network elements if a security breach is suspected.
  • It’s an American company with more than 600 employees.


The digital meters IFP has installed allow information to flow almost constantly between your house and IFP. Customers will no longer have to wait for the monthly electric bill to arrive; they'll be able to see how much energy your household uses in near real-time via an in-home display, your laptop or smart phone.

IFP has no control over how its customers use this information, but studies have shown that the more informed a consumer is about energy use the less energy he or she uses. Providing consumers with more control over their energy use is just one of the benefits of advanced meters. They'll provide IFP with more information, too. The meters will alert us to outages immediately, and they'll pinpoint the source of the problem. This will save time and money on labor and transportation costs, and will lead to fewer and shorter outages. In fact, we predict the meters will pay for themselves within five years.