2015-2016 Jr High

Meets and Results

            January 9                     Spartans vs. Eagles            8:00am        Results

Click above for records             Panthers vs. Dragons        10:15am        Results

            January 16th                 Eagles vs. Dragons             8:00am        Results

Click above for records             Wolverines vs. Panthers    10:15am        Results

           January 23rd                  Eagles vs. Panthers            8:00am         Results

Click above for records            Wolverines vs. Spartans    10:15am        Results

          January 30th                  Dragons vs. Wolverines       8:00am        Results

Click above for records            Panthers vs. Spartans       10:15am        Results

          February 6th                  Dragons vs. Spartans          8:00am       Results

Click above for records            Eagles vs. Wolverines       10:15am       Results


         February 20th               Championship Swim Meet    8:00am      RESULTS

Click above for records                         All Swim Teams






 Jr. High Season 2014-15 



Results & Heat Sheets

 January 01/10/15

 Dragons v Wolverines Results


 Panthers v Spartans Results

January 01/17/15

 Eagles and Dragons Results


 Wolverines v Panthers Results 

January  01/24/15

Dragon v Spartans Results


Eagles v Wolverines Results

January 1/31/15 

   Spartans v Eagles Results


Panthers v Dragons Results

February 7, 2015

  Eagles v Panthers  Results

     Wolverines v Spartans Results
February 14, 2015   Championships  Results