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Sealcoats - 2015

HK Contractors will be chip sealing, brooming, and fog coating city streets in the following sequence and locations:

Friday, July 31st:
Bellin Road - Pancheri Drive to Genevieve Way, Elva Street - Holmes Avenue to Royal Avenue,  and Elva Street  - Holmes Avenue to Northgate Mile

Sunday, August 2nd
Utah Avenue Roundabout ,  D Street - Underpass, and D Street - Shoup Avenue to Boulevard

We anticipate 20 calendar days total duration for the completion of the work at these locations. Please watch for equipment and workers, follow all traffic signs and flaggers, and reduce speeds to posted limits. We appreciate your patience during this construction period. If you have any questions, please contact H-K Contractors Inc. at 523-6600.


Thermoplastic Citywide - 2015

Falls Striping, LLC has begun updating thermoplastic pavement marking within Idaho Falls.  Work associated with this project is anticipated to continue through early September. Reflective thermoplastic crosswalks and other pavement markings will be completed in various residential and commercial areas throughout the city of Idaho Falls. No major road closures are anticipated. The community’s patience is appreciated as we strive to improve pedestrian safety. For questions or concerns, contact (208) 589-8584. 


ADA Improvements Citywide - 2015

Richardson Concrete will begin upgrading city curb, gutter and sidewalk at various street intersections on Monday, July 27, 2015 in order to meet specifications outlined in the American with Disabilities Act for accessible sidewalks . The targeted streets for initial improvements include Lomax, Keefer, Shelley, and Poulson Streets. Please follow all traffic signs and flagger directions. If you have any questions, please contact Richardson Concrete at 589-9634 .


Major Street Overlays - 2015

HK Contractors, Inc. has commenced construction of the Major Asphalt Overlay Project. Fremont Avenue from Science Center Drive north to the City Limits will be paved on Monday and Tuesday, July 20th & 21st. Hemmert is scheduled for Wednesday the 22nd, and North Boulevard will be under construction on Thursday & Friday, the 23rd and 24th. All roads affected will be reduced down to 2 lanes of traffic. The project is expected to be complete by the middle of August. Please watch for equipment and crew, follow all traffic signs and flaggers, and reduce speeds to posted limits. If you have any questions, please contact HK at 523-6600.


Minor Street Overlays - 2015

HK Contractors, Inc. is near completion of the Minor Asphalt Overlay project, with only the installation of water valves and manhole collars left to complete. The project is estimated to be complete by July 25th.  Please continue to watch for equipment and crew, follow all traffic signs and flaggers, and reduce speeds to posted limits.If you have any questions, please contact HK at 523-6600. Click here for the official list of affected streets.  


South Bel-Aire Addition Water Line Replacement Phase II - 2015

3H Construction is presently excavating and installing the water service lines on Irving and Halsey Steets and the main lines are being installed on NW Bonneville. The overall project is aimed to install water lines in the South Bel Aire area on Irving Street, Northrup Avenue, Halsey Street, Marshall Avenue and Garfield Street.  These streets are closed to through traffic during construction. Please observe all traffic control signs and use alternate routes if possible. Your patience and cooperation is greatly appreciated while this project is in progress.  If you have any questions, please call Reed Hill at 589-7713. Click here to see a map of the Master Plan. 


Woodruff Avenue Reconstruction - Caribou Street to Kearney Street

TMC Contractors, Inc. has completed Phase I and has shifted traffic to the east side of Woodfuff while they work on preparation for paving, which is scheduled to begin next week. The speed will remain 25 MPH and left turns will be prohibited. The project is anticipated to reach completion near the end of July. If you have any questions, please contact Randy Turnage at 709-4628. 


Hitt Road South of Sunnyside

DePatco Inc. plans to begin the final stages of the Hitt Road and Sunnyside Road intersection project. They will be chip sealing, applying fog coat and final pavement markings beginning Wednesday, July 29, 2015. This work is expected to be complete by the first week in August. Motorists should expect lane reductions, occasional evening construction and short delays. If you have questions or concerns, please contact DePatco Inc. at 208-458-4000.


Pancheri Drive Improvements 

HK Contractors, Inc. is preparing to pave the west side of Pancheri from the bridge to Bellin Road and will soon be installing curb and gutter. Please use caution when driving through the construction zone, as utility crossings and roadway construction work will be ongoing throughout the area. The project is expected to be complete by late October, 2015.  Click here for more information.


For Right-of-Way License and Permit information click here.