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The City of Idaho Falls Sanitation Division is responsible for hauling solid waste from residential and commercial properties to help maintain a clean and safe environment for the residents of the City of Idaho Falls.



The division also maintains recycle bins around the City for the deposit of sorted newspaper, office paper, magazines, and phone books; plastic, food and drink containers marked with number 1 thru 7; aluminum cans; and tin cans. The locations of the bins can be found on the Recycle Bin Map.  Recycle any items not listed on the bins by taking them to a local recycling center.


The division has a mulch pile created from leaves and discarded Christmas trees. This mulch is free only to City of Idaho Falls residents and information can be obtained by calling the division.


Information on container size and weight and a holiday pickup schedule can be found on the Policies & Ordinances page.  All garbage containers should be ready for pickup by 7:00 am on their scheduled day.


The Sanitation Division will remove items such as water heaters, stoves, dishwashers, sofas, box springs, mattresses, etc. but requires that the resident call the Sanitation Division to schedule a pickup.


Tires and items containing Freon, such as refrigerators, freezers, and air conditioners, are subject to a disposal fee by the Bonneville County Transfer Station. The resident must obtain the disposal fee amount by calling the Bonneville County Transfer Station at 528-5550 and include a check payable to Bonneville County in that amount with the items to be hauled.


The Sanitation Division will remove brush and small tree limbs if it is tied in bundles not to exceed 4 ft. long and 50 lbs. in weight.  Call the division to schedule a brush pickup.



  The landfills and transfer station are under the direction of Bonneville County. Please call  (208) 528-5550 Extension 3 for questions regarding locations, hours, and disposal of items.

2472 N. Holmes Ave., Idaho Falls, ID 83402

PO Box 50220, Idaho Falls, ID 83405-0220

Phone (208 612-8491

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