Pothole, Street, or Alley Concern

Pothole, Street or Alley Concerns

Thank you for contacting the city regarding your concern. Please submit your concern in the space provided at the bottom of this page. It is our policy to address pothole concerns within 24 hours of notification.

Examples: Potholes, raised or damaged sidewalk, sunken areas or debris.

If the problem is hazardous to the public, please contact us immediately at (208) 612-8490, as this form may not be reviewed until the next regular working day.

Street Light or Traffic Signal Concerns

If there is a concern with a city street light or traffic signal, please call Idaho Falls Power at (208) 612-8430 or use the Street Light Outage Form.

Street or Traffic Control Sign

If there is a concern with a street or traffic control sign, call the Engineering Division at (208) 612-8250. 

Instructions for Submitting Concerns Below:

Step 1: Enter a description of the concern in the Concern Description field (e.g. Pothole).

Step 2: Enter a location in the Concern Location field (e.g. north side of 17th St west of St. Clair Rd.).

Step 3: Check the Hazard box if this concern requires warning signs and/or barricades erected until repairs can be made.

Step 4: Optionally enter your name, phone number and email address. This information will only be used to contact you if further information is needed.