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Completed 11/08/10
Community Development Services
Living in Rv's
The city needs to abolish this zoning ordanace forbiding persons to live in there own RV. Recently i was laid off from the company i work for and with the weather and various other factors i cannot support my wife 1 year old son and daughter who is due in febuary. So we had to move into a rv we purchased.. Now were finding out that its "illegal" If the rv is not causing any physical disturbance's and on private property it should be of NO bueniess to anyone other than the legal land owner if that person wishes to have someonel iving there or not. This is NOT a choice for us PERIOD. If the city chooses to enforce this policy or not we will continue to live in our rv. And in the best intrest of the city and it's citizens would be to toss this code from the city ordanace out. You are making it illegal to be homeless when it is no fault of our own. There is zero assistance to us around here for shelter as we have tried. sO DO US A FAVOR and let us help our selves by not enforcing a bogus and irrational rule. You seriously want to put us in jail take our children into state custody and sieze our personal property for living in poverty in said "home" That's sickeningly idiotic. Please, don't do this to us, its not your place to "punish the poor" Trust me going from 50,000 a year to 100 or soa month is punishment and embarassment enough
With only two inspectors for the City, we respond to complaints about occupied travel trailers or RVs within the City. You are allowed to live in your RV provided it is located in a RV park or a mobile home park, that is, a facility designed to handle a RV. A RV or mobile home park provides the appropriate connections for power, water, and sewer. The ordinance was written to protect health and safety. In at least one circumstance in the past, we have found sewage being dumped on the ground from an occupied RV. We realize it is hard when you are unemployed and we hope you are able to find a job soon. Local social service agencies such as EICAP may be able to assist with temporary housing.

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