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Name: Historic Preservation Commission
Location: City Hall Annex Conference Room, 680 Park Ave.
Start: 05/07/15 12:00 PM
End: 05/07/15 01:00 PM






1.  Approval of Minutes:     April 2, 2015

2.  Walking Tour

   a.  Tour Guides: Cheryl Cox, Reggie Fuller, Others.

   b.  Brochure:

               i.  Draft Available by May 22nd

              ii.  Reproduction: Who & Number

   c.  Advertisement, Publicity:

               i.  Post Register Layout: Who & Date

               ii.  Flyers: Who & When

   d.  Maps of Tour: Who & When

   e.  Sanborns: Magee – May 20th

   f.   Tour Walk-through:  Date & Time

3.  Farmer’s Market Booth:

    a.  Banner with Logo: McLane – When

    b.  Post Register Layout: Who & When

    c.  Flyer/Handout

    d.  Schedule:

             i.  June 13th, 9:00 – 1:00: Who

            ii.   June 20th, 9:00 – 1:00: Who

4.  Amending historic districts.

5.  Work Program.

6.  Roundtable Discussion.





If you need communication aids or services or other physical accommodations to participate or access this meeting or program of the City of Idaho Falls, you may contact Debra Petty at 612-8276 or the ADA Coordinator, Lisa Farris, at 612-8323 as soon as possible and every effort will be made to adequately meet your needs.


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