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Name: Idaho Falls Redevelopment Agency
Location: Idaho Falls City Council Chambers 680 Park Ave.
Start: 10/16/14 12:00 PM
End: 10/16/14 01:00 PM





                                                     Meeting Time: Noon


           Work Session: Discussion on Eagle Ridge Urban Renewal Plan at 11:00 a.m.




                                                             A G E N D A                                                            



1.         Modifications, Additions, Changes to the Agenda


2.         Approval of Minutes, September 24, 2014


3.         Approval of Bills


4.         Resolution Approving Urban Renewal Plan for Proposed Eagle Ridge Urban Renewal District


5.         Notes for Snake River Landing, Division No.6 and No. 7


6.         Update on RAI Activities


7.         Motion to Enter Executive Session Pursuant to Idaho Code Section 67-2345(1)(c) to Conduct Deliberations Concerning Acquiring an Interest in Real Property Which Is Not Owned by a Public Agency


8.         Next Meeting: November 20, 2014






Please NOTE work session prior to regular meeting to discuss urban renewal plan.   









If you need communication aids or services or other accommodations to participate, please call 612-8276 at least three to five days prior to the meeting so we can adequately meet your needs.




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