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Idaho Falls has established itself as a regional cultural destination. The Willard Art Center, The Colonial Theatre and Civic Auditorium are home to year-round, diverse musical concerts, plays, and events. The greenbelt along the Snake River hosts many community events, such as the Melaleuca Freedom Celebration (on the Fourth of July), the Roaring Youth Jam, and the Farmers' Market, among others. The successful Museum of Idaho is a regional attraction which showcases local artifacts and history, but also makes use of traveling exhibits bringing such things as dinosaur bones, ancient documents, and primitive guns to town.


Downtown Idaho Falls once struggled while many businesses moved as the city expanded eastward, but has been revitalized due to the efforts of local business owners, the City of Idaho Falls, and other organizations such as the Downtown Development Corporation and Grow Idaho Falls. It is home to many locally owned shops, stores, restaurants, galleries, and theaters.

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