Training and Safety

‚ÄčThe Training and Safety Division of the Idaho Falls Fire Department was founded in 2015. The Division is responsible for developing and administering training to all personnel in the areas of leadership, emergency medical services, fire suppression operations, special teams operations, and fire prevention. The Division is also in charge of public education programs that include all levels of CPR as well as first aid and fire safety. Safety is another aspect that the Division oversees for the Idaho Falls Fire Department. Public and firefighter safety is a priority to the Department. The Division develops safety programs for both the Department and Public as well as other divisions of the City of Idaho Falls. These are just a few ways that the Division serves the proud City of Idaho Falls.

  1. Jeff Parsons

    Training Chief
    Phone: 208-612-8506

  1. Jeremy Potter

    Training Officer
    Phone: 208-612-8891