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The mission of the City of Idaho Falls Parks & Recreation Department is to provide quality parks and recreation opportunities based upon cost efficiency and community needs.RECreateSURVEY RESULTS HERE

The purpose of the Idaho Falls Parks and Recreation Comprehensive and Strategic Master Plan is to guide clear decisions on present and future maintenance of a world-class parks and recreation system. In order to achieve this, the Plan will:

  • Provide data-supported insights into changing community priorities and perspectives;
  • Analyze the level of service being provided to the community;
  • Evaluate available resources and identify the most strategic investment paths;
  • Combine technical and economic feasibility with robust, broadly-supported public priorities to identify major themes for action;
  • Develop a strategic action plan that is Mayor and Council approved; and,
  • Support CAPRA accreditation of an exemplary Parks and Recreation program.

Please give us your input for the Idaho Falls Parks and Recreation Master Plan. This is your community and we want to hear from you!



Community Input
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The Plan will contain two components: a Comprehensive Master Plan for the city’s Parks, Recreation and Open Space; and a Strategic Plan laying out how the comprehensive master plan mission, goals and objectives will be achieved over the next five years. 

The Comprehensive component of the Plan will provide recommendations for provision of facilities, programs, and services; guide future parklands acquisition and development; recommend appropriate and efficient maintenance and operations; and identify related administration and management tasks and needs. 

As a Comprehensive Master Plan this component will guide Parks, Recreation and Open Space acquisition and development for the next 10 to 20 years. The Comprehensive plan component will support the objective to obtain City accreditation by the National Recreation and Parks Association (NRPA) Commission for Accreditation of Park and Recreation Agencies (CAPRA). All elements discussed and proposed will meet the requirements of CAPRA Accreditation Standards. 

The Strategic component will state how the City’s Parks and Recreation department (Department) will achieve its mission, goals, and objectives over the next five years. The Strategic plan will be a tool to begin implementing the Comprehensive component of the Master Plan. The Strategic component will have measurable goals and objectives that can be reviewed annually to demonstrate progress and results.

Both components of this Plan will demonstrate substantial and meaningful engagement of affected residents, groups, organizations, and agencies. Public outreach will be planned and implemented to understand the perspectives and goals of the City’s diverse demographics, and to establish support for the Master Plan vision and the Strategic Plan goals. 

Analysis of existing documentation and development of new elements, as listed below in the Scope of Work, will produce data-driven analyses that set measurable and realistic goals, which are broadly and robustly supported by the community as well as existing and potential public and private partners.