Admission Prices & Guidelines

Public Skate

Adult Admission & Skate Rental $10
Child/Senior Admission & Skate Rental $8.75
Adult Admission $6.25
Child/Senior Admission $5
Skate Rental $3.75
Group Rate $8 (10 Person Minimum, Includes Rentals)
Home School Skate $10 per family of 3 (Includes Rentals)
Preschool Skate (0-6 yrs with parent) $6 per family of 3 (Includes Rentals)
Skate Aid $2


Adult Stick & Shoot $7.50
Child/Senior Stick & Shoot $5.75
Pickup Hockey (15+) $7.50
Senior Pickup Hockey $5.75
Blake and Kyn ice skating


Adult Freestyle $7.50
Child/Senior Freestyle $5.75

Rules and Guidelines

Skating, as we know is very fun, however, we recognize that as in all recreational activities, there needs to rules and safety guidelines in place to have the most enjoyable experience possible. Here at the Joe Marmo/ Wayne Lehto Ice Arena, we actively enforce all regulations to ensure safety for all!

  • No Carrying Children
  • No Misusing Skate Aids
  • No Trains or Whips
  • Children (12 and under)
  • Seniors (62+)

Skating Tips and Tricks

Wear Good Socks!

Socks that are too short, or thin, can be painful when you get out on the ice. If you aren't wearing them when you come in, then bring a pair of long and thick socks with you to the rink. This is a great way to avoid blisters!

Tighten Those Skates!

This is essential to skating well. If you can wiggle your ankles at all, the skates are too loose. 
Skates that are too tight, on the other hand, can cause pain and numbness, so find that middle balance that is most comfortable and workable for you.

Don't Hug the Wall!

Take it from those who have learned to skate one bit at a time, hugging the wall is one of the worst things you can do for your balance. It seems scary to skate away from the wall, but keep your knees bent slightly and march carefully as you skate. You'll be amazed to see the difference it makes.