Recruit Training

The Idaho Falls Fire Department has a robust recruit training program. The program addresses physical training and conditioning as well as didactic instruction in topics such as:

  • Firefighter safety and survival
  • Fire behavior
  • Building construction
  • Emergency medical services
  • Rope rescue operations
  • Hazardous materials operations
  • Engine company operations
  • Ladder truck operations
  • Wildland operations
  • Swift water/ice rescue
  • The Nozzle Forward
  • Stand pipe operations
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The Recruit Academy prepares a probationary firefighter to sit for the IFSAC Firefighter 1 written and practical exams. The concepts that are covered are based on industry best practices and the most innovative research coming for the National Institute of Standards and Technology as well as Underwriters Laboratories. 

Fire Services Technology, the state certification and training organization for Idaho, sanctions the Recruit Academy. During 8+ weeks, the Recruits can look forward to an intense training program that will prepare them to operate with Idaho Falls Fire Department crews at any scene or operation.

The Training Officer for the Department conducts the Recruit Academy and is with the Recruits every step of the way ensuring understanding, performance, and safety. After the completion of the Recruit Academy, the Training Officer continues to monitor and assist Probationary Firefighters with meeting their goals and objectives. These goals are set as a Recruit and the Training Officer assists the Probationary Firefighter with a road map to meet these goals.