Plan a Special Event

What is a special event? A special event is defined as an occurrence, festival, concert, sporting event, gathering, performance, or the like in or at a public park, outdoor recreation area or facility, or any public parking lot adjacent thereto, where non-alcoholic beverages, food, candy, or other goods may be served. Special events are a very important part of any community's quality of life.  The City of Idaho Falls sees hundreds of events each year, varying in scope, purpose, cost, and complexity. 

An event application MUST be filled out if your event has more than 100 attendees, or is a festival, concert, sporting event, gathering, performance, etc., in or at a public park, outdoor recreation area, or facility. Locations may be reserved at the Recreation Center Front Desk at 520 Memorial Drive during normal business hours, or over the phone at 208-612-8580. Location reservations will be held for 14 days without a completed application or paid fees. If a completed event application or your fees are not received by the Parks and Recreation within said 14 days, your reservation will be cancelled. Event applications and payments can be turned in at the Recreation Center front desk, or over the phone.

You may complete an on-line application by clicking HERE.

You may also print out and complete a physical application by clicking

HERE. The application must then be returned to the Recreation Building at 520 Memorial Dr, Idaho Falls, ID, 83402.

See Special Event Policies & Procedures HERE.


Maps of Popular Parks for Special Events

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