Plan a Special Event

EVENT APPLICATIONS MUST BE SUBMITTED at LEAST 45 days prior to start of an event. Applications submitted later will NOT be APPROVED.  We have 3 different applications.  Please fill out the one that best fits your needs.  NOTE: Any event with over 100 participants or if you wish to close down a street, you MUST go through the application process.   

In Person – Stop by the Recreation Center Office (520 Memorial Dr.) Mon – Fri between 8am and 4:30pm to pick up an information packet and/or submit completed applications, required documentation, waiver requests.

Mail – Mail your completed applications, required documentation, waiver requests to City of Idaho Falls Parks and Recreation, 520 Memorial Drive, Idaho Falls, ID 83405.

Online – On the Idaho Falls Parks and Recreation website, under “Plan a Special Event,” you may fill out the online application. When completed email application to: [email protected]

Please read the Event Information Handout before filling out and submitting an event application.  Fees and policies have changed.  If you have any questions please contact the Special Event Coordinator at 208-612-8580 or by emailing [email protected]

Event Information Handout

Park Use/Event Application

Use this application for any event held on City of Idaho Falls Park Property, tournaments, athletic events, and/or fun runs.  

Street Closure Request Application

Use this application for street closure requests for events, NOT being held on Park property. 

Sandy Downs Event Application

Use ONLY for events being held at Sandy Downs. 

More information about Sandy Downs HERE

Helpful Links

Fire Department: Fireworks Permit
Fire Department: Tent/Canopy over 400 square feet inspection request
GIFT: Limited Parking? Event Involving Alcohol? Schedule/Use Greater Idaho Falls Transit and schedule a ride! More info HERE


Park Rules 2021

2023-2024 Park and Event Application Fees

COVID-19 (Corona Virus) Pandemic Updates Involving Special Events

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, please carefully consider plans for a public gathering or event at this time. Carefully plan and follow CDC and Eastern Idaho Public Health guidelines for sanitation and safety to protect people at your event and prevent them from being exposed unnecessarily to illness.

The State of Idaho has also released their Interim Guidance for Mass Gatherings.

Please be aware that due to constantly changing circumstances with the COVID-19 issue, the city may be required to temporarily limit or cancel public events or gatherings.

Please contact the Special Event Coordinator at the contact information on the right side of the page if you have any questions about current COVID restrictions.

At this time, if you have already booked your special event and wish to cancel, please contact the Special Event Coordinator at [email protected]

Maps of Popular Parks for Special Events