Major Unscheduled Outages

Idaho Falls Power is committed to providing the most updated information regarding major unscheduled power outages. Below is the most recent information we have regarding major outages currently affecting the city. Please return to this site for updates or visit the Idaho Falls Power Facebook Page for updates. 

Date: 7/25/2018
Time: 3:20 p.m. 
Cause: Likely storm related
Affected Area: Various neighborhoods throughout Idaho Falls
Approximate number of customers affected: approximately 2500
UPDATE: (7:43 a.m.) This morning our crews (who have been working since 5 a.m. Wednesday morning) have finished up most of the issues. We still have a few clean-up areas that have to be addressed. Residents around Grandview Court will experience a lengthy outage today as crews work to remove a tree from the lines. This is expected to last most of the day. If you have made repairs to your service line and now need the power back on, please call us at 612-8430. Please note that because of staffing and staff on rest period after working more than 24 hours, it will take some time to get those services restored. We thank you for your patience and ask for your continued patience.

UPDATE: (8:13 p.m.) The outage on the west side of town and Fairway Estates has now been cleared, meaning power should be restored to those areas. (Woot, Woot, Let's hear for our awesome crew!!) So if your power is still out, please call us and let us know, 208-612-8430.

The outage around Safstrom has been updated to a restoration time of 1:00 a.m., please know we are working tirelessly, to fix this issue.

We are also slowly starting to make it to the smaller issues, such as trees on the lines, and broken service lines.

UPDATE: (7:20 p.m.) We apologize for the inconvenience, the updated restoration for the west side of town is now about 9:30, still same restoration times for the other areas, as of right now.

UPDATE: (6:29 p.m.) Customers currently out of power near or around Fremont Ave. can expect power to be restored around 10 p.m. Crews have to replace downed poles.
UPDATE: (4:54 p.m.) Crews are currently working to assess and address damage that is causing the outages. Right now, the majority of the west side of town will hopefully back on within the next two hours. Neighborhoods around 7th Street will be out an estimated 4-6 hours as crews repair a downed pole. 33rd North and 5th East area has wires down and are looking at a 1-2 hour outage. Customers on or near Utah Avenue are looking at a 4-6 hour outage because of a downed pole. Individual services could be out longer as crews address larger outages first. If your service continues to be out longer than these estimated times, please call our dispatch at 612-8430. Again Thanks for you patience.

(3:58 p.m.) Idaho Falls Power is currently responding to multiple outages throughout the city. Those outages started occurring around 3:20 p.m. and appear to be storm related, but the exact cause is unknown at this time. We don't have an ETA. But, crews are working to restore power  as soon as possible. We currently have roughly 2500 customers without power. We ask for everyone’s patience as we work diligently to get everyone back online. 

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