Major Unscheduled Outages

Idaho Falls Power is committed to providing the most updated information regarding major unscheduled power outages. Below is the most recent information we have regarding major outages currently affecting the city. Please return to this site for updates or visit the Idaho Falls Power Facebook Page for updates. 

Date: 6/16/2020
Time: 9:30 a.m.
Cause: Unknown 
Affected Area: Hitt Road from Lincoln, south to E17th, and at E 17th, west to Hoopes; Fairway Estates

UPDATE: (9:52 a.m.) We currently were able to restore power to a portion of our customers affected by the outage. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the outage and the repair it may be 2-4 hours for power to be fully restored. 

For those customers in Fairway Estates -- crews are working on restoring power. Unfortunately, there is no specific ETA on when power will be restored. 

(9:30 a.m.) We thank you for your continued patience. We'll continue to update. W
e are currently experiencing a power outage affecting customers along Hitt Road from Lincoln, south to E. 17th, west to Hoopes. We also have an outage affecting customers in the Fairway Estates area too. We unfortunately do not have an ETA on when power will be restored. We will update when we have more information. Thanks for your patience.

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