From the desert, to ice-packed rivers to back-country terrain, our highly trained individuals tackle the worst of circumstances to protect the lives and property of our community and region.

  1. Your IFFD is the largest all-hazards and EMS department in southeast Idaho with 125 full-time personnel operating out of six stations. Most personnel work 48-hour shifts within three shifts (A, B and C) to provide 24/7/365 fire and EMS coverage for the City of Idaho Falls and most of Bonneville County. The department also has EMS contracts to provide services to portions of Jefferson and Bingham Counties. 


The Idaho Falls Fire Department is committed to providing professional life-saving services, ensuring the safety and security of our community.


Our philosophy is one that believes in superior selfless service, placing them before us to ensure a safe and secure community. We subscribe to the mantra: I am not here for me, I am here for we, and we are here for them. As public servants, our mission is to save lives and property, and we do that by being intelligently aggressive and tactically proficient. We believe in the values of loyalty, duty, hard work, respect, service, honesty, integrity, and trust. We believe in being fully involved participants in our future by doing our job, treating people right, having an all-in attitude, and giving all-out effort. By doing this we recognize that excellence is our individual responsibility. We take ownership of ourselves and our organization as we commit to a culture of continual improvement.


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