1. Fiber Announcement (400x267)

    Idaho Falls Fiber, along with Idaho Falls Power, is excited to announce the expansion of our fiber network into residential neighborhoods.

    We are collaborating with Utopia, a Utah-based telecommunication open infrastructure agency to provide this new service. Through this collaboration, residential customers will enjoy Internet speeds up to one gigabyte. This project will also allow Idaho Falls Power to continue providing a robust electric system and innovative home energy solutions to customers.
  1. Fiber Strands (400x213)

    Fiber, or fiber optic line, is actually a thin strand of glass that is stretched to great length and can conduct light similar to the way a wire conducts energy. The light that flows through the glass fiber carries data. A powerful advantage to fiber is that information carried on the fiber travels at the speed of light—making fiber the fastest available method for data delivery.
  1. Fiber Splicing (400x267)

    The City’s 96 strand fiber optic network is available for lease as dark fiber to commercial service providers. The network was established in 2002 in order to upgrade the City’s communications infrastructure and keep costs low.

    Sixty strands of the network were made commercially available in 2006 to service providers, to spur economic growth and competition among Internet Providers while providing state-of-the art connectivity to the City’s businesses.

    The network has grown nearly every year since its inception and now provides fiber connectivity to nearly 500 local businesses.