Tautphaus Park Zoological Society

Thanks for joining the Tautphaus Park Zoological Society and supporting the Idaho Falls Zoo at Tautphaus Park! The Tautphaus Park Zoological Society (TPZS) is a non-profit corporation dedicated to assisting the City of Idaho Falls in the promotion and expansion of the zoo – for our families and the animals.

When you join the Tautphaus Park Zoological Society (TPZS) by purchasing a membership you become part of the zoo’s efforts to meet the challenges of preserving and conserving threatened and endangered animal species. Idaho Falls Zoo’s exhibits are designed to increase awareness and understanding of the animal kingdom and the natural habitats in which they live. The monies raised through membership sales help us accomplish our goals of conservation, education and research. The contribution you make is important to you, to us, and to the future of our world.

The Tautphaus Park Zoological Society (TPZS) has a mission to support the Idaho Falls Zoo by fundraising with events such as Wines in the Wild, Chillin’ at the Zoo, Zoo Brew, Hawaiian Luau, Masquerade Ball and Boo at the Zoo; and to promote projects that support increased self-sufficiency of the Zoo. Financial self-sufficiency will allow the Zoo to continue to improve on conservation, high quality care of the animals, and a great visitor experience.  

To learn more please visit the Tautphaus Park Zoological Society website