Street Sweeping

The Street Division begins sweeping each year after snow and ice have melted off the roadway. Work starts with arterial and collector streets as well as streets with striping, so the faded striping can be repainted. Residential area scheduled sweeping for 2022 will begin on April 11. Streets have been divided into zones, similar to garbage collection. 


Each zone is anticipated to be completed in one day, skipping scheduled garbage collection days to avoid sweeping around the 95-gallon carts. After all zones are completed, crews will take a week to sweep arterial and collector roads again, and then begin the cycle over again, finishing in October.

Exceptions to the schedule include the week of Independence Day when personnel are shifted to assist with traffic control and event cleanup. Fridays are also an exception due to personnel schedules. The schedule may vary due to unanticipated mechanical issues with equipment or inclement weather. 

Leaf collection begins each year following the last round of scheduled street sweeping.

For questions or concerns, please contact the Street Division at (208) 612-8490.