South Boulevard Project


In the summer of 2018, based on data and recommendations from the Bonneville Metropolitan Planning Organization (BMPO) Long Range Transportation Plan, Connecting our Community Plan and the Tautphaus Park Master Plan, several updates were made to South Boulevard, a minor arterial roadway. The improvements were made between Northgate Mile and Sunnyside Road and included the addition of a turn lane, bicycle lanes, push button activated strobe lights and a round-about. The speed limit was also modified to a consistent 30 MPH throughout the corridor (previously 25 MPH north of 17th Street and 35 MPH south of 17th Street). There were also improvements made to storm drainage, sidewalks and curbs. The roadway was then seal coated and re-striped in the fall of 2018. 

On June 5, 2019, Idaho Falls Public Works held a public open house at the Maeck Education Center at the Idaho Falls Zoo. The purpose of the open house was to converse with residents about last year's changes to the roadway and to gather input to ensure that ongoing studies addressed concerns that were observed over the year prior. (See link below to review the Power Point Presentation.)

Next Steps

Over the last year, the Idaho Falls Public Works Department has been collecting public comments and studying vehicle speeds, vehicle volumes, bicycle and turn lane utilization and traffic incidents along South Boulevard. The results of these studies will be presented at a Public Meeting on August 15, 2019, 6:00-7:30 p.m. at the Maeck Education Center at the Idaho Falls Zoo. (See below for instructions on how to receive meeting notifications from the City of Idaho Falls.) 

Future Plans

Similar to other roadways in Idaho Falls, there are short range and long range transportation plans to keep up with population growth and to keep our city streets as safe as possible. There are proposed 5-year recommendations for adding one additional lane on S. Boulevard from 18th to 21st Street to reduce the back-up of traffic going southbound at the intersection of 17th and S Boulevard. The proposed plan would not impact the entire length of S. Boulevard but rather only the right-of-way area on the west side of the road between 18th and 21st Street. There are some trees on that stretch of right-of-way that would need to be replaced with trees that are the appropriate size that would not damage or impede upon the roadway, sidewalks or the power grid. An exact timeline for this project has not been determined. The project is still in the preliminary stages. The city has applied for federal funding for this section of roadway. 

Public Comment

The public comment period regarding last year's changes on S. Boulevard has now closed. 

City Notifications

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Public Notices

April 11, 2018 Construction Notice

July 13, 2018 Construction Notice

July 24, 2018 Construction Notice

June 4, 2019 Public Open House Notice

August 12, 2019 Public Meeting Notice

August 15, 2019 Press Release - South Boulevard Public Meeting


August 15, 2019 Public Meeting Presentation

September 2018: Summary of Public Comment

June 5, 2019 Public Open House Power Point Presentation

S Boulevard & Elm Street Round-About Exhibit

2014 BMPO Survey - Long Range Transportation Plan

South Boulevard (17th-21st Street) Right of Way Map