Water Conservation

Help Protect Idaho's Most Valuable Resource!

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When you are looking for ways to save water in your yard, look for things like self-watering pots for your plants, such as the pots located in Downtown Idaho Falls and along the River Walk on Memorial Drive. These types of containers reduce water use, don’t allow fertilizer to escape into the environment, and produce a more even water consumption that makes healthier, more beautiful plants.

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Best Water Saving Containers

Water Conservation Around the House

Water is Idaho’s most valuable natural resource.  You can make a big impact on water conservation by doing a lot of little things. Things like turning the water off while you brush your teeth, fixing small leaks in your faucets, or changing out old and inefficient fixtures.  Looking for little things around the house can have big impact on the environment.

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Home Water Conservation Tips

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Storm Water Drainage 

Before you change your oil or fertilize your yard, remember, what gets spilled or washed down your driveway or into the gutter, can also be washed back into creeks, canals or washes and can ultimately make its way back into our river water system. Don’t dump used oil, harmful chemicals or excess fertilizer into the street or gutter. Help protect Idaho’s most valuable resource.

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How Oils Break Down in Water Smartscape


Xeriscaping is a great way to save water.  Plants that are native to east Idaho are specifically adapted to our climate, and are able to use less water and less fertilizer.  When looking at landscaping, look for ways to incorporate these types of plants into your yard.  They look great, take less maintenance, are better for the environment and save you money.

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How Xeriscaping Works

Seven Principles of Xeriscaping

Reasons to Xeriscape

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