About Us

Welcome to the Idaho Falls Police Department. The Idaho Falls Police Department has its origins on or around 1891, when the town of Eagle Rock officially changed its name to Idaho Falls. In the early days the law was enforced by a village marshal. It officially became a police department in 1895.


Today, the Idaho Falls Police Department is lead by a Chief of Police who oversees approximately 140 employees - 96 sworn police officers and professional staff that includes Emergency Communication Dispatchers, Animal Services personnel, Records staff, Administrative staff and others. Together this team coordinates police response with in the City, and sees to the day-to-day operations and services of the department.

Service Area

The Idaho Falls Police Department serves a residential population of approximately 61,459 (2019), as well as thousands of other people who work and play within the city limits each day. Idaho Falls, which is the 4th largest city in Idaho, is a regional hub within Bonneville County (population 106,332) and provides several amenities for residents and visitors to the region. It has also become a stopping place for many visitors and tourists that travel through the tri-state area. The geographic area of Idaho Falls is about 23 square miles, which includes 315 miles of city and state maintained streets.

In 2020, IFPD responded to over 49,000 calls for service.

The officers and staff of the Idaho Falls Police Department are dedicated to providing the highest quality public safety and law enforcement services to people who live, work and play in east Idaho's largest city.