War Bonnet Round Up Advisory Committee

2023 War Bonnet Meeting Schedule Here

August 23rd Agenda Here 

Next War Bonnet meeting is August 23rd at the Recreation Center.

The War Bonnet Round Up Advisory Committee was created on Sept 10, 2020 by vote of the Idaho Falls City Council and Mayor

War Bonnet Round Up

War Bonnet Committee Members

Kassi Jones [email protected]

Jeff Newgard   [email protected]

Robert Skinner [email protected]

Krisi Staten  [email protected]

Brent Robertson  [email protected]

Tanner Fonnesbeck  [email protected]

Director of Parks & Recreation 

PJ Holm  [email protected]

War Bonnet Round Up Web Page HERE

Meeting Assistance
If you need communication aids or services or other physical accommodations to participate or access this meeting or program of the City of Idaho Falls, you may contact City Clerk Corrin Wilde at 208-612-8414 or the ADA Coordinator Lisa Farris at 208-612-8323 as soon as possible and they will make every effort to adequately meet your needs.