Maxine Elliott Kussy Legacy


In June of 1998 Maxine Elliott Kussy set up a trust fund for the flowers of the City of Idaho Falls.  Maxine and her husband lived close to Tautphaus Park and would take many walks through the park.  They both loved the City of Idaho Falls flower program and wanted to ensure the program would flourish through the years for generations to enjoy.  

Maxine passed shortly after the trust was established and is buried in Rose Hill Cemetery.  Before she passed, Maxine paid for the construction of a greenhouse worth $50,000 located in the Rose Hill Cemetery.  The City of Idaho Falls still uses the greenhouse today every Winter-Summer to grow all of the beautiful flowers Maxine would have enjoyed.  

Maxine and her husband left a Legacy to the City of Idaho Falls flower program.  To this day the legacy results in about $5,000 annually for the city’s 42 flower beds.   The flower-planting program is paid with the interest from the Maxine Elliott Kussy Forget-Me-Not Fund managed by the Idaho Community Foundation.

“Happiness held is the seed; Happiness shared is the flower.” – John Harrigan

Thank you for sharing your happiness, Maxine!

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