1. oil is cheap

     As travelers, we now live in an age of airline fees and surcharges, paying as we go for every remnant shard of customer service imaginable — checked bags and sometimes even carry-on bags, seat selection, seats together, aisle seats, booking by phone, pillows, snacks, meals, even water.

    These small amenities don't come cheap. A small snack onboard can set you back $5 - $7 or more, the average checked bag is $25, and booking by phone can cost $15 - $40, and forget about changing your flight, which can cost you more than the original airfare itself...

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  1.   drones

    + If you want to operate a drone at night, over people, out of the line of sight, near airports, or above 400 feet, you must apply for a waiver. The FAA, Federal Aviation Administration recommends submitting the form, which is available online, 90 days before the flight date. Most rejections are due to incomplete applications. 

    + B4UFLY smartphone app
    Free FAA download for iOS and Android smartphones that flag requirements and/or restrictions where you want to operate a drone. 

    + knowbeforyoufly.org
    Information and guidance to fly safely and responsibly. 

  1. IDA - Idaho Falls Regional Airport


    Please be advised, to accomplish Phase 2 of the $9M Taxiway A, C and Runway 2/20 Rehabilitation Project, the Airports commercial service Runway 2/20 is required to be hard closed for six (6) days scheduled from 8 AM Wednesday, September 5th through 8 AM Tuesday,  September 11th, 2018. No scheduled airlines will operate during this timeframe.  After receiving input from all scheduled Airlines, the Federal Aviation Administration, Contractor, Engineer and Construction Manager, the Airport selected the dates and times that would have the least impact to the Airlines and general flying public. It is important to note this project requires a large amount of coordination by multiple agencies. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this closure may cause and we appreciate your understanding as we continue to improve aviation safety and security at the Idaho Falls Regional Airport (IDA).

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