Management Resources

Welcome! Supervisors with the City of Idaho Falls deal with many employee related issues during the course of any day. Having a place to easily access essential information and resources to assist in addressing and resolving these issues can make a difference. This website has been designed to provide online access to resources that will help supervisors and managers in their efforts to better lead those around them, gather insight and answer questions in employment areas such as interviewing, hiring, employee discipline, performance issues, conflict resolution and coaching.
Management Organization Chart
  1. Discipline & Performance Management

    The Discipline and Performance Improvement Guide is intended to help address both discipline issues for violations of the City’s Code of Conduct policy, as well as job-specific performance issues.

  2. Interviewing & Hiring

    Interviewing, and the entire hiring process, can be time consuming, sometimes frustrating and potentially legally risky. It's important for supervisors to know and understand the City's policies and processes, as well as be informed about the federal and state laws that regulate these employment areas.

  3. McLaughlin Young Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

    Visit the McLaughlin Young Employee Assistance Program website.