Interviewing & Hiring

Interviewing, and the entire hiring process, can be time consuming, sometimes frustrating and potentially legally risky. It's important for supervisors to know and understand the City's policies and processes, as well as be informed about the federal and state laws that regulate these employment areas. This page provides resources such as forms, interview guides, and insight into effective and legal hiring practices.

Seasonal Employees

With the large volume of temporary and seasonal employees that are hired by the City, below are some reminders regarding new hire paperwork for these employees. Please remember the following steps when filling your seasonal and temporary employment needs:
  1. Assess whether you will be filling your temporary/seasonal job with a returning temporary/seasonal employee or if you need to review new applications for these jobs. If you wish to review new employment applications for your temporary/seasonal jobs, please contact April Collier, HR Analyst at extension 106.
  2. After you have filled the temporary/seasonal job, (with either a returning temporary/seasonal employee or by reviewing job applications), complete the following paperwork:
    1. City of Idaho Falls Personnel Action - Form must be routed for approvals in Department, Division, HR, and Municipal Services. Please indicate in the remarks section of the Personnel Action if this is a returning temporary/seasonal employee or attach the employment application from the new hire.
    2. Form W4- Must be completed for all new hires and returning employees. Please attach the completed W4 to the Personnel Action.
    3. Form I-9 (PDF) - Must be completed on the first day of employment for all employees; please attach the completed I9 to the Personnel Action. For ease of administration and compliance with federal regulations we are requesting that departments complete a new I9 with every new hire and returning temporary/seasonal employee. Make sure the I9 is fully completed; individuals signing as the employer are certifying under penalty of perjury that they have seen the genuine acceptable identification documents as listed on the form, (no photo copies allowed). Employees who fail to complete the I9 on the first day of employment must not be allowed to work.
    4. PPACA Exchange Notice (PDF) - As required by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), all employes (new hires and returning temporary/seasonal) must receive a copy of the Exchange Notice that provides information on the Health Insurance Marketplace.

Interviewing Candidates

The job interview is a key activity for an employer in finding a candidate that is a skilled, "right fit" for a position. The interview process allows for the relay of specific information about a candidate's skills, work experience, and background that cannot be obtained from a job application alone. Supervisors must be cautioned, however, in order to avoid interviewing practices that could be deemed unfair or discriminatory. View the Idaho Interview Guide (PDF) on effectively performing job interviews to gather insightful information about a candidate, while avoiding practices that may lead to legal issues for the City.

Background Checks

The City of Idaho Falls requires that all regular new hires successfully pass a background check prior to employment. A supervisor or manager may offer a final candidate for an open position a conditional offer of employment, but a candidate cannot start work until the background check is complete. The first step in the background check process is for the candidate to complete an Authorization Release Form (PDF). Please return this form to Human Resources to initiate the background check. If a negative issue arises from the background check, Human Resources will inform and work with the supervisor and Division Director to make a hiring decision that is in the best interests of the City.

Onboarding New Employees

Getting new employees introduced, oriented and comfortable with their work environment early on will increase their chances of being successful and productive employees in the long run. To help managers in doing this, a New Team Member Checklist (PDF) is now available to help supervisors/managers ensure that essential information is passed to the new employees, and appropriate activities are arranged to get employees up and running from the first day of employment through their first 90 days.