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    Procedure and protocol for delinquent accounts

    Over the past few months, Idaho Falls Power – along with members of the City of Idaho Falls Utility Billing Office – reviewed how we handle our delinquent electric accounts. What we found is a need to streamline our processes to ensure we treat customers equally and reduce the number of customers getting in debt for services used. As a not-for-profit, community-owned electric provider, when one customer fails to pay their bill, other customers end up paying for the bad debt.

    We also wanted to make certain customers have a clearer understanding of how we handle delinquent accounts.

    The changes to our practices aren’t big changes. But, the modifications will meet our customer service goals in providing you the best service possible.  

    Click here for more details.

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    Residential Fiber Pilot Program Set to Begin

    Idaho Falls Fiber, along with Idaho Falls Power, is excited to announce the expansion of our fiber network into residential neighborhoods.

    We are collaborating with Utopia, a Utah-based telecommunication open infrastructure agency to provide this new service. Through this collaboration, residential customers will enjoy Internet speeds up to one gigabyte. This project will also allow Idaho Falls Power to continue providing a robust electric system and innovative home energy solutions to customers.

    Find out more about the program by clicking this link.

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