Idaho Falls Regional Bomb Squad

The Idaho Falls Regional Bomb Squad (established in 2007) is an federally accredited bomb squad made up of officers from the Idaho Falls Police Department and deputies from the Bonneville County Sheriff's Office. The Bomb Squad is comprised of 4 certified technicians and an explosives detection K9/Handler.

The Idaho Falls Regional Bomb Squad responds to calls and any requests for assistance in multiple counties in the tri-state area of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. The squad averages anywhere from 20 to 30 calls per year.


Primary assistance provided to the region by the bomb squad includes all bomb threat emergencies, examination and disposal of suspicious packages and mail, recovery and render safe of improvised explosive devices (IED), incidents involving explosive, chemical, biological, and nuclear threats, and all other types of weapons of mass destruction. The bomb squad provides assistance in recovery and disposal of commercial explosives, military ordnance, and dangerous chemicals. The team also conducts post blast investigations to include evidence collection, processing and analysis. The bomb squad provides valuable training to state and local law enforcement, Fire Department, and EMS first responders.


The large response area and expectation of service has led the squad to develop a training schedule committed to the meeting of expectation of the signatory agencies. The Bomb Squad maintains 20 per month training cycle exceeding the required 16 hours.