Idaho Falls Bonneville County 911 Emergency Communications Center

Dispatch Logo 2023

The Idaho Falls Police Department is proud to employ the Emergency Communications Officers (aka Dispatchers) for all of Bonneville County, Idaho. This team of dedicated professionals handles incoming 911 calls and non-emergency calls for all of Bonneville County, and all emergency communications traffic and dispatch for police, fire, EMS and first responders in Bonneville County.

Interested in a career as a first responder? We are hiring Emergency Communications Officers!

Emergency Communications Officer Job Posting

IFPD Patch 250x300 (2)
911 (1)
IFFD Patch 250x300 (5)
BCSO Patch 250x300 (1)
SVFD Patch 250x300 (4)
UFD Patch 250x300 (6)
AFD Patch 250x300 (7)
Ucon PD Patch 250x300 (3)