Power Portfolio

FY 2017 IFP Generation Mix
The vast majority of the electricity used in the City of Idaho Falls in the 2017 fiscal year was hydropower.
The City's five hydropower plants generated almost a quarter of the energy used in the City, while the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) provided a significant portion of the balance. BPA markets electricity generated at 31 hydropower plants in the Columbia River Basin and one nuclear plant in Washington state.
IFP has a power purchase agreement with Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems (UAMPS) for 5.26 percent of the output of the Horse Butte Wind Project, a 32-turbine facility located east of Idaho Falls, and the utility generates a small amount of solar through two arrays at its headquarters - a fixed array consisting of 114 PV panels that's capable of generating 23.3 kilowatts, and a tracking array with a 1.6 kW capacity.
The market purchases consist largely of fossil fuels - coal and natural gas - purchased through UAMPS.