Navigational Aid

Ground - Link


Available between 8 p.m. and 7 a.m.

To contact fuel delivery, Salt Lake City center clearance delivery, FSS WX brief, and 911 emergency dispatch by voice activation or quick click while on the ground to obtain or cancel an IFR flight plan:
  • To contact fuel delivery, click the mic 2 times.
  • To contact clearance delivery, click the mic 4 times.
  • To contact FSS WX brief, click the mic 6 times.
  • To contact 911 dispatch, click the mic 8 times
The system will ask you to click the mic twice if it is dialing the correct location. If it is not correct, wait 5 seconds and start again.

The GCO will then dial the appropriate number. You will hear it dialing. When the briefer answers just communicate your needs via the radio - telephone link.

To terminate the call, click the mic 3 times while the frequency is clear and the call will be terminated.

If there is no voice activity over the system for 60 seconds (told to standby, etc.), it will say "Timing Out," key the mic within 3 seconds and that will get an extra 30 second of "no voice time."

If the system does not respond at first, try re-positioning your aircraft for a clear path to the antenna at the terminal building.