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City Plant

Electric rates at Idaho Falls Power are among the lowest in the country.  We are able to keep rates affordable for customers because we own and operate hydro generation facilities and we purchase low-cost hydro power from the Bonneville Power Administration. Idaho Falls Power is proud to serve our community and provide affordable, clean power to the City of Idaho Falls.

Idaho Falls Power Rates

  Residential Commercial    Small
​ Industrial
​ Power
Energy Charge (per kWh) $0.0625 $0.039 $0.039 $0.039 $0.0625
Demand Charge (per kW) $0.00 $8.00 $7.25 $7.00 $0.00
Minimum Demand Charge $0.00 $26.00 $1,500 $14,000 $0.00
Service Charge $18.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $25.00
Power Cost Adjustment ($0.002) ($0.002) ($0.002) ($0.002) N/A
  1. Residentail Rates
  2. Commercial Rates
  3. Large Industrial Rates
  4. Small Industrial Rates
  5. Temporary Power
Residential customers have an energy rate charge, a service charge, and a power cost adjustment on their bill.  The energy rate is currently $0.0578 per kWh used, the service charge is $18.00 per month, and the current power cost adjustment is ($0.002).   
The service charge for residential customers is intended to cover the fixed costs of providing service – poles, wires, transformers, etc.  The energy rate covers the variable costs associated with electricity use throughout the city. 
The power cost adjustment is a charge or a credit, depending upon hydro conditions and variable wholesale power costs from the previous year. 

A residential customer using 1,000 kWh per month should have an electric bill of $78.50, covering both the service charge and energy rate charges. 

Residential Electric Charges Example:
   Rates   Usage  Total Cost
 Energy (kWh)  $0.0625  1,000 kWh  $62.50
 Service Charge $18.00  $18.00
 Power Cost Adjustment  ($0.002)    ($0.002)
 Total Bill      $78.50


Service Policy

Residential Disconnection Policy

City Code identifies the time frame and process in which a Utilities account is deemed delinquent and may be disconnected for nonpayment.